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Cassie Madden Photography

Cassie Madden Photography

I have a passion for imagery and portraiture; I’m romantic about the fact that I get to photograph people the way they are, the way their life is that very day. I’ve always thought of myself as a storyteller, but there is a reason I’m not a novelist. I grew up writing anything and everything, but seemed to lack the patience for a full-blown Harry-Potter-caliber series. I love the way my camera enables me to work quickly and differently. I’m forever grateful to my clients for trusting me to tell their stories in 1/60th of a second.

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I became a Dallas wedding photographer out of a fascination for encompassing thousands of emotions in a photograph. To me, a wedding isn’t merely two lives and one day: it’s many journeys’ meeting for the celebration of love. Because of this belief, I find it incredibly important to document each and every detail. My most favorite photographs are those that invoke an emotion in the viewer, and call attention to scenes, details, moments that might otherwise have been overlooked.

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Each of my weddings holds a special place in my heart because of the people and story that come with it. Tom and Charli were married in the city of Laramie, Wyoming, and chose to host their reception at the Historic Railroad Depot. Their venue, like the rest of their wedding, was the perfect representation.

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Tom, a Polish-born-Canadian-raised man found himself in Laramie attending the University for Grad school when he and Charli met for the first time. Charli, always a Wyoming girl, had recently moved back to the city for work when they met at a get together through mutual friends. Over the course of several years and a few chance meetings, they agreed to meet for drinks and never looked back. You can read their full story here. (Can we link to my post about them on the “here”?)

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On a beautiful fall day, Charli readied at their home in Laramie; making the experience all the more personal with her mother and sister by her side. Tom, with his best man, awaited Charli’s arrival at the church where they were to be married.

laramie_wyoming_railroad_depot_wedding_11 laramie_wyoming_railroad_depot_wedding_10

Once the vows had been given and the kiss complete, Tom and Charli made their getaway from the church with a sea of bubbles and thrilled family and friends. Charli’s Father helped them into her Grandfather’s Chevy, an old car he had himself refurbished and given to the couple as a wedding gift.

laramie_wyoming_railroad_depot_wedding_09 laramie_wyoming_railroad_depot_wedding_16

Their different geographic upbringings paired with guests whom traveled far and wide to join in celebrating their big day, Tom and Charli used their Railroad Venue, well placed maps, luggage tags, and vintage suitcases to support their theme.

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It would be hard to pinpoint just one reason why I love what I do. I love witnessing a genuine love story and having the privilege to photograph it. I love the little things. I love the clients who nearly always become good friends. I love it all.


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