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Hi everyone! My name is Cassie and I have been passionate about photography since I was in high school. Unfortunately I didn't jump into the photography business straight out of high school like I would have hoped. Instead I made a different dream come true, I married my high school sweetheart Joshua and made my marriage my priority. We were only married for about eight months before I became pregnant with our first child, we had a beautiful, healthy, girl, Brooke that quickly became our entire world. I was extremely fortunate to be able to stay at home with her, that was a huge priority for both me and my husband. A little over a year and a half later we decided to try for another little one and we welcomed our healthy baby boy Greyson.


After being a stay at home mom for three years, I decided to finally chase after my dream, and become the photographer that I had always wanted to be. So I dug out, and dusted off my camera that I bought with my graduation money. I offered free shoots to anyone I could get in front of my camera to build my portfolio.

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During this time I realized where my strengths were. Taking pictures of kids can be extremely challenging. But because my own little ones had been my life for the last three years, it came really natural to make other clients and their children comfortable.

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My style is Lifestyle Photography, that can mean different things to different photographers but to me it means that I cover any area of life, family, children, newborn, maternity, senior photos, or weddings. Again everyone has their strengths, but I love capturing all milestones and moments. I am very passionate about using natural lighting, I find I get my best portraits when people are being natural and the lighting is natural.

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Trying to pin point one favorite shoot that I have done is tough,  because after each shoot they all become my favorite. I love trying new angles and pushing myself to get shots I didn't think I could. But one of my recent shoots I did is near and dear to me, my beautiful niece Charlotte was born and I had the pleasure of capturing the moment she was born, and her first week into this world. I love that capturing these beautiful moments- milestones in life is my job.

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