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Hi everyone! I'm Casey from Casey Smith Photography and I am excited to be featured on Basic Invite. I live in Charleston, South Carolina but I'm a Georgia girl at heart.

I got hooked on photography in high school working with 35mm film and developing prints in the darkroom. I had a great high school art/photography teacher who encouraged me to keep developing my creative skills.


In 2010, I earned my B.F.A. in Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design and I'm currently working on my Masters of Art Education degree online from the University of Florida.

Getting Ready Pictures

Photography always came natural to me--the composition, the lighting, capturing a special moment.


I've been shooting professionally for 9 years now! I specialize in wedding, portrait and event photography. I am a sucker for weddings though. I just love them! Time passes by, but with photographs, we can hold on to those memories from those special days. I love capturing the emotion of a moment and being able to share that moment with others. Whether it's a wedding, fun family portrait or a moment of action up on the stage, it's so much fun. While posed photos can be beautiful or fun, it's the candid photos that everyone will remember.

With each shoot my goal is to not only give my clients what they want but to also go above and beyond by sharing their story through images and giving them moments they will be able to cherish forever. I love when I get the response of "I forgot about that! I'm so glad you caught that!" or "I didn't know that happened, I'm so glad you got that!". Bringing the unexpected and the excitement of the wedding back once the honeymoon is over is something I love being able to do.


I don't think people hire me because I have a degree in Photography. I truly believe they genuinely love my natural candid style.


I was asked to pick one of my favorite shoots for this feature but I had a hard time narrowing down my shoots to a single favorite one so I chose to show off a sweet couple that I've done several shoots with over the years, Stephanie and Josh. I've had the pleasure of shooting individual portraits of Stephanie and her adorable dog Sadie, engagement portraits, and their beautiful wedding.

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