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Hello friends!

I am young twenty-something wedding photographer based out of the Philadelphia area who loves good wine, strong coffee, and people who believe in love. My journey of photography began about three years ago and it truly changed my life! There are so many jobs in this world that are mundane but I can truly say that I get to work with the most genuinely happy people. Making couples laugh and smile on their wedding day makes it all worth it to me. One of my biggest goals in my business is to create comfort and trust with my clients. I want to build a relationship with my brides from the moment I receive an inquiry until after the big day. The best photos aren’t planned -- the moment right before and after the kiss is just as important as the smooch itself :)

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My love for photography began back in high school when I took a course and absolutely fell in love with it! I loved photographing old buildings and cityscapes and finding the beauty in its most uncommon forms. I guess you could say it was my form of therapy because I felt the most alive and confident when I had a camera in my hand. I really pursued photography as a career when my best friend got engaged and asked me to shoot her engagement photos. I took the chance and she loved them! So, I did a ton of research and started second shooting for other photographers and tried to soak up as much knowledge as I could. One wedding led to another and another and here I am now! A small business owner who gets to photograph couples in love. I have the best job in the world :)

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