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Caprice Nicole - Featured Photographer

Ever since childhood I wanted to share the beauty I saw growing up everyday in Hawaii.  I when I discovered photography I found that opportunity.  And capturing some of the most precious moments of peoples lives has taken that shared beauty to a whole new level.


Now I get to incorporate the scenic views of Maui with the gorgeous array of emotions shared on such events as engagements, weddings, pregnancy and family gatherings.   My photography style is really a mix of all of that! 


I love to take dramatic images with huge trees, rugged coastlines and sparkling water.  And yet also capture those intimate moments of tears and elation. 


Nothing thrills me more than creating a gorgeous image that translates the sweetest of moments as well.


Being able to do this for people really is a dream come true for me.  It is my goal that all my images ooze with all the passion I have!


Much Aloha, Caprice Nicole

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