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A Woodland Engagement Session

Hi, everyone!

My name is Candice Marie, and I am a Portrait Photographer living in Santa Barbara, California.  I moved to Santa Barbara from Sioux Falls, South Dakota to attend Brooks Institute of Photography.  It's been so wonderful being able to pursue what I love! I mainly photograph Weddings and couples, but I love all kinds of photography. (Family Portraits, Senior Portraits, Conceptual Art, etc.)


My favorite part of my job is that I get to capture the unique beauty of each one of my clients and couples.   I love to be able to adventure with my customers and take pictures of them as we go.  My primary goal with each shoot is that I create an environment where my clients feel comfortable enough to be themselves.   About 90% of my couples tell me that they don't like getting their picture taken.  I love to be able to show each client the back of my camera during our shoot and show them how beautiful they are! It seriously makes my day when I hear them say, "Wow! I look good!" Anyone can look great in a picture! It just takes good direction!

One of the best perks about my job is that I get to travel wherever a couple needs me.  I recently got to travel back to my hometown to photograph one of my dear friends and her fiance'!  This is one of my favorite shoots I've photographed thus far! We adventured through some woods and then ended at an amazing coffee shop.  My Mom happened to have a cool, unintentional hipster blanket in the back of her jeep that we got to use as well.

Another one of my favorite things about this shoot was simply just the way these two interacted and loved one another.  Katie + Chase shared tons of laughter, kisses, and snuggles throughout their session.

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