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Our Wedding Photography Team

Hey there! I am Britney, and one half of the team at Britney Clause Photography. We are a romantic and modern husband and wife wedding photographers in Maryland. My husband, Shawn, and I work alongside each other for engagement shoots and wedding days. Our mission is to make couples feel welcome and excited to have us join them on their wedding, and deliver images that capture the feelings and emotions.

Every wedding is an opportunity to capture the love, affection, and elation between the bride and groom. We believe the best way to make this happen is to develop a good relationship between ourselves and the couple. Therefore, we understand their history and interests and know what they want. As a result, we can provide them with photos that best represent who they are as people on the incredibly important day.

It's All About the Couple

After our own wedding, we realized that there isn't a whole lot of concern given to the groom on the wedding day. Over the years, we have also met with so many couples who felt the same. Because of this, we know the importance of including both of the couple on their big day. Thus, we focus on making every bit of the photography as equal for the bride and the groom as we can. It’s about showing our couples that we care about them as a whole, since both of them wouldn’t be at this point in their lives without the other. Our photography is about capturing the essence of a very special relationship between two people. We want our couples to have images that they can enjoy together.


A Couple We Love

We love working with fun couples who have no problems making each other - or us - laugh. One of these couples was Alexandra and Sean, who were married at Billingsley House in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. These two were incredibly excited before getting married, and that alacrity carried through even after the last dance. There wasn’t a moment where Sean wasn’t making Alexandra laugh, or she wasn’t making him giddy with happiness. The natural light and open fields outside of Billingsley was a striking backdrop to this endearing couple. Finally, since we prefer mixing in as many candid shots of the couple as possible, Sean and Alexandra were a treat since every moment these two were together was perfect. Everything went so beautifully on this day, we wish we had a time machine so we could just keep revisiting it!


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