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Bridal Session, by Ivy B Photography

Hi! My name is Ivy French and I specialize in wedding, family, & senior photography. My dad was a photographer; when I was little girl, I would "assist" him at his sessions. I'll never forget the gorgeous brides! I felt so big "helping" my dad with the "princess brides." <3

When I was 10, my father passed away from cancer so to be able to continue on in his footsteps is a joy :). I feel like I'm honoring him every time I get behind the lens. So, of course, I had to choose a bridal session to share with you today!

I love seeing the joy, pride, love, and giddiness radiate out of my brides, grooms, & families as they love on each other during their sessions or just think about one another during their bridals.

I would say my style is a mix of moodiness and lifestyle with some drama mixed in there for fun. Most of my inspiration comes from simply watching how the light plays on my subject, the colors surrounding them, and THEIR personality. My aim is to catch you in your element, loving life. I want real smiles and laughter because that translates into your photos...also, I am a major goofball so having fun on a shoot is the only way to live, I say! haha!

My family and friends are my main encouragers who constantly push me to strive for more and to create even better art. I couldn't do this without them! :) The Lord has blessed me with a talent I never thought I'd have so I want to honor him by using this gift to enrich lives and bring joy however I'm able.

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Feel free to hop on over to check out the website or my business page on Facebook and say hi!

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