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Brian Bossany - Featured Photographer

My name is Brian Bossany and I am a Destination photographer for Adventurous, Romantic, and Spontaneous couples.  The focus of my photography business is truly about partnering with the Bride and Groom to help create a better experience for them on the wedding day.   The photographer spends more time with the bride and groom than anyone else does and I truly want to enhance that experience.

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I understand that it is awkward for people to be photographed all day long.  I approach the wedding day by investing into the relationship of my couples and the relationships of the people surrounding them on their wedding day to help capture their vision of the day.  This helps create a better experience because the couple feels that they are being well cared for and they are able to relax in front of the camera and be themselves. I believe this type of joy shows in my work.   Wedding photography is relational and that is how I approach it.   I am an adventurous, romantic and spontaneous person myself.  I feel so honored that I can use the camera as an extension of my heart and who I am to love and serve couples that connect with that vision too.

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I am also very passionate about Marriage. We live in culture where the divorce rates in marriage are really mind boggling. I believe that a strong marriage is worth fighting for.

My ideal clients are couples who are investing more time into planning their marriage than just a big party.

My wife and I have been married 7 adventurous years and we no have the incredible privilege to be parents to 2 boys. (3 and 1 years of age).   I think my kids are the most photographed kids in the world. :)

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I have had the privilege to photograph well over 100 weddings in the past few years traveling from Hawaii, to Texas, to the epic Northern woods of Wisconsin and a ton of places in between. I love my job and what I love what I get to do for a living.   It truly is an honor for me to partner with so many couples who share the same vision I do for photography.

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