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Bree + Stephen: Wedding Photographers from San Diego, California


Hello everyone, we are Bree and Stephen from Bree and Stephen Photography! Let us introduce ourselves! We’re wedding photographers based out of San Diego, California who thrive off of passionate, infectious love. The type of love that only soulmates can understand. We love capturing intimate, genuine moments between couples and creating memories that last forever. A few of our favorite things are coffee (we NEED our caffeine to function, I'm sure most of you can relate), yoga, chasing sunsets, piano, and our German Shepherd puppy, Sequoia! When we aren't photographing weddings, you can find us reading on the beach, or eating French pastries. In fact, we'll probably be doing both of those things at the same time. All while wrestling Sequoia, because let's be could she resist a macaroon or two ;)

We love the care-free, spontaneous couples that are always down for an adventure. Our favorite shoots always end up being the ones where we have to hike a few hours and get a little dirty to get to a stunning location #worthit.

Our brides tell us they love working with us because they feel like they're on a double date. We pride ourselves in being able to become friends with anyone, from any walk of life. We work well with those brides who don't believe in coincidences, the type of people who take notice when the stars align.They know that we can relate to their inexplicable connection. We love to see two humans so fully awaken in the heart and soul that the fire spreads. They are the go-getters, the dreamers, the winners of life. They are the force that fuels a movement. They are the universe experiencing itself amorously.  


This wedding was our favorite wedding yet because the couple was so confidently in love with each other and it really showed in their photos. They had us laughing the entire wedding, and they were just a joy to be around! It was really one for the books.

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