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Boudoir photographer starts a trend....

BOUDOIR AFICIONADO for all women out there who believe they are not sexy..... I happen to believe that we are all beautiful.  During my sessions I am all about helping you find your sexy, YOUR SWEET SPOT. The feel good place where your alter ego starts to take over your body and you begin to trust that your beautiful as you feel. That you are in fact a romantic and sensual goddess. We all have that woman inside of us. I just help you awaken her inner slumber.

boudoir, hudson valley, weddingCapturing the romance a women has with her self

Boudoir is more than just a photograph, it's a feeling......

After shooting my very first boudoir, I was hooked......Hi there, my name is Jasmine Guara, Wedding & Boudoir photographer for the Hudson Valley region of New York. Photographing 100's of women over the last several years brought about a passion I never knew existed. I have the knowledge and experience to bring out your best beautiful in your photo sessions. I am a dreamer, an avid shoe wearer and a story teller for lovers. I am blessed to be able to give the gift of beauty back to others by showing them what I see through my lens. My passion for learning and becoming self-invested is now my most valuable asset. It gave me confidence, strength and the courage to do what I love and that is photographing to visually convey emotion. Following a dream and creating a life where the sky isn't even the limit.

boudoir, bride, romance Romance & Lace
boudoir, hudson valley, wedding

A place meant for like minded souls.....

After shooting many customized sessions, by far the boudoir is my favorite and has changed the direction of my career. The decision to specialize in women's photography brought me right to doors of a woman's bedroom, thus making it, boudoir as well one of the most romantic days of her life, her wedding. Giving birth to my blog and my world of Romance & Lace , a place meant for other likeminded souls who were not afraid to love themselves and express it. As my brand grows and continues to define my mission so does my signature style. #absolutetruth

It wasn't until I reached my 30's when my emotional world around me started to really change. I could no longer see myself trapped at a desk all day long while my creative neurons were drowning in a culture where people strived to be mediocre. Change was inevitable and it was going to be huge. Just around the same time it became obvious that even some of my relationships needed to come to an end. Making choices that affected my family, my job and my future. All at once my life started to fall apart and seemingly odd falling together at the same time. The time when I started to really discover my own kind of beautiful, my strength and my confidence. Armed with the desire to teach others how to believe in themselves, I too have struggled with my own self image.

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 What was my favorite photo shoot you ask?.....

I once had a women hire me to be her boudoir photographer at her 40th birthday bash. Immediately I thought, what a great idea. I will be shooting my 4th boudoir birthday bash in less than 8 months. Slowly now becoming a trend for my business,  these birthday boudoir bashes were a hit. The birthday girl decided to decorate her party with a burlesque paris theme. It was cute and very appropriate.

This is how it works: the birthday girl hosts a party and invites 10-15 other women who want to celebrate with her. The birthday lady gets her own private customized session in the studio with complimentary hair and make up. This way she can tend to her guests and have a great time at her party. Her guests on the other hand will be treated to hair and make-up from a professional artist. Once she is dolled up each lady has their own mini boudoir with the lingerie they brought with them. This consists of a series of poses that each girl can master in a short period of time.

There is something exhilarating that happens to her when she decides that it's time to take the plunge and step out of her comfort bubble. The women at this party were having a great time, and they were supporting one another, giving pointers, sharing accessories. The camaraderie transpires when women give each other the tools and feedback to be up lifting. Finding your purpose in life isn't always apparent in it's initial stages... and sometimes it is. For me, it slammed me up against a mack truck. It was obvious what I was meant to do the moment I made that connection.

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