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Blue Muse Photography | The Birth of Liam Justice

Hi. My name is Kalene and I'm a passionate story teller.  I started Blue Muse Photography in 2007 fresh out of photography school.  I was moving from the teal blue Gulf Coast of Florida to the wide open sky country of Kansas and Blue Muse was a nod to those two great muses.  I was only 20 years old when I first launched my business and at that time I marketed myself as the "next generation of fine portraiture".

Blue Muse PhotographyBlue Muse Photography

Over the years my style has changed from just posed portraiture, so a more story telling style.  I believe that picking up two kids and a social work degree along the way helped influence this change.  When I gave birth to our first daughter something clicked for me and I became passionate about documenting stories with birth photography.

Blue Muse Photography

I've been photographing births for two years now and it is still my favorite space to be invited into.  Some good friends of mine had their first child earlier this year and I helped to document every step of the amazing process.

Blue Muse Photography  Blue Muse Photography

There really is nothing in the world like being there while a baby is being born.  I've always said that it feels other worldly somehow.  It seems especially powerful when it is a first child for a family because I get to watch them grow into parenthood right then.

Blue Muse PhotographyBlue Muse PhotographyBlue Muse Photography

As a birth photographer I love to network with care providers (doctors, midwives, doulas, even chiropractors!) and other birth photographers.  There is an amazing community in the birth field.

Story telling is such a blessing for birthing mothers who almost always tell me when I deliver their galleries that I captured details of moments that they had already forgotten.

Blue Muse PhotographyBlue Muse PhotographyBlue Muse Photography

And I mean, just look at sweet baby Liam and his gorgeous mother.  Who wouldn't want to get paid to do something this amazing?Blue Muse PhotographyBlue Muse Photography

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