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Becky Gmahling Photography

"The hard work puts you where the good luck can find you." -Unknown

I'm not one for quotes but I love this one because I don't really even believe in luck. I do believe that there are no rewards without hard work. If I work hard enough to find out if luck exists, I'll take all that I can get. I'm thrilled that at such a young age I have found and started my dream career. As a recent graduate from UC Davis with a degree in Design and Communication, I always knew I wanted to work in a creative field. A few years ago I began second shooting weddings and that led to me taking off on my own business venture and photographing weddings, seniors, families, lifestyle, events, camps, artwork, food - you name it. I really haven't said no to anything yet. It's the reason I love this field. There is a challenge around every corner, with every photoshoot and every subject, to give your work its own voice and individuality.


One of my favorite projects thus far was a lovely, leisurely engagement session throughout San Francisco. The bride-to-be has been a close friend of mine since we were just 7 years old.


A bit of a plot twist here: their wedding was the day after their engagement session! Talk about a whirlwind! I have never been so challenged in my life, and it all paid off. My lifelong friend was marrying the man of her dreams, on a foggy morning, in a breathtaking city, and they brought their adorable dog!

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With a passion for lifestyle photography, I find that the details can bring back the best memories, so I make sure to capture as many details as possible. For me, the best feeling is when you look down at your camera after taking a (hopefully) winning shot, and you see the glimmer in their eye as they look at each other. It only gets better from there.

BGP_2175BGP_2248-Edit-EditBGP_2295 BGP_2333BGP_2460BGP_2837BGP_2855BGP_2763 Through photography I have made life-long friends and worked with remarkable organizations like Camp Kesem and Active Minds. I may not believe in luck, but I am always looking forward to my next big challenge; it's what makes life worthwhile!

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