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Beautiful Engagement Session on a Time Crunch

I love capturing couple’s stories. Photography allows us to remember. It turns a moment that is intangible into something that is tangible. It is timeless. Allowing us to time travel and relive those wonderful moments long after it passed. One of my best feeling is when a couple sits down, looks at their photos for the first time, and their faces are full with emotions.


My name is Viet Le and I am a Fine Art Wedding Photographer. I like to push the boundary, but at the same time create images that appeal and appear to be natural. From the moment I press that shutter button to the moment I deliver your photos I think about every step along the way, selecting only the best of images to convey your story. I want you to want to look at your images over and over again.


As photographer’s we are constantly under the pressure to deliver good products and sometimes in a very limited amount of time. This session was nothing short of that. We arrived in Lake Tahoe 2 hours just before sunset. This is photographer’s favorite time to shoot. Everything was beautiful in Lake Tahoe. The skies were clear, the weather was great, and the location as mentioned before is AMAZING! The only problem… Our couple were not quite ready. We were behind on schedule. I calmly told them to take their time and let me know when they are ready. Meanwhile, I went out to capture some environmental shots. By the time we were ready and got to our location, we had only 20 minutes to capture their story before we completely lost all light. Being on such a time crunch really test a photographer’s abilities and this session really pushed the boundaries. My favorite thing about this session was the couple’s expression when they saw it that same weekend and the fact that they knew it was done in only 20 minutes completely blew them away. I love making people happy and I enjoy what I do because of it.

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