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Beach Photography by Barbara Leidy Photography

0196043504440159best0054aaWe specialize in Beach Photography, Weddings, Corporate, Pets, Maternity & Newborn photography at  Barbara Leidy Photography .  Our studio is located in the Plymouth Meeting, PA area and during the summer months a trip to the Avalon, New Jersey beach is about 1-1/2 hours away.   We photograph when best lighting conditions exist, which happens to be when most children are getting ready for bed!  But at the shore, kids seem to be ready for action whenever they see the ocean and sand.  These two little girls are the perfect age for lots of candid photos, and a few posed now and then.  It's more like "get them when you can" !  Our parents loved the idea of candid photos and if the kids got sand all over them, it was perfectly fine, and of course the kids were happy with that.

The oldest girl had a fascination with princesses so when I arrived at the house I was provided a full display of her favorite miniature princesses.  My interest in her dolls was a good way for her to get used to me.  The youngest was loving the fact that she could walk a few steps on her own and get around almost as well as her older sister.  She loved the sand and by the end of the photo session had it everywhere!  This beautiful family was a joy to work with, and I look forward to being with them again.

When photographing young children I try and get my posed photos first, as the novelty of my presence usually allows me to have some influence on them looking out at the camera for a few seconds.  As they become used to what I am doing, they usually resort to just having fun and will look at me, but not usually when I want them to.  So I've got to get the hard work out of the way first, then just plain have fun with them.  I sometimes will call to them, talk to them, but most importantly have to be ready for when they get into a good rhythm of great expressions, yes they do come in succession as their little minds become amused about something.  So be ready when the opportunity presents itself!

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