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The Moments In Between


Hey guys, my name is Austin Alvarez. Many say that they are very impressed of the accomplishments that I have done with the time that I have had. What makes me interesting to them is the amount of knowledge that I display after realizing how new I truly am to photography.


I can say that I have been pressing that shutter button for no more the 7 months and yet I am told that I have been doing this for years. Admittedly I do not know everything, as I have much to learn, yet I use my artistic eye to capture the moments in between the seconds of emotion. It is that which allows me to gift the person with a visitation of the emotions from a single moment in time, further down in their life.


In the beginning, graphic design had always been my calling and to this day I thought that this is where I was meant to be. The many hours behind the screen, in which I have created so much art, never allowed me to realize that I could also create art and memories behind the 3 inch screen of a camera. I took my ability to listen and learn, and geared towards learning this new venture in the world of photography.


Upon learning my camera I strive to use my creation of art, and gift the people moments that could soon be forgotten. From a child’s birth to his last first birthday, to the coming of age of daddy’s little girl, from the promise of love to the first kiss. I would be there in the seconds of fleeting moments to grasp the feelings that emanate in front of my lens.


This is my gift to them, this is my gift to the world, and I hope that I reach the level that I strive for in life. But who knows where I am headed, and to me it doesn’t really matter, as long and I can capture some memories along the way.

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