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Ashley Susan Photography

Hi there! I am Ashley, owner of Ashley Susan Photography. I currently reside in the beautiful mountains of Virginia, but I travel nationwide for weddings and will go on any adventure my camera takes me. For me, the most important part of being a photographer is not only having the ability to connect with others, but to also make them feel comfortable to be themselves in front of the camera. This is how I am able to capture the natural smiles and genuine love between a couple in an engagement session or on the day of their wedding. I am often told that this is what attracts couples to my work. For my couples to feel comfortable, I always keep their focus on each other by encouraging them to interact in different ways. Posing to me is something that happens before and after the actual photograph takes place. I won’t push the shutter until my clients have forgotten about the camera and are in a moment that is completely their own.


These moments are even more important when it comes to the wedding day, and don’t always involve the bride or the groom. Photographing a wedding is different from an engagement photo shoot, because it is more about telling the story of the day. For instance, I won’t always                   look at the bride and groom during the ceremony. Often times, it is when I turn towards the family that I will capture a beautiful, split second moment when grandma wipes a tear from her cheek. Or during one of my favorite times of the day, the getting ready portion, I always enjoy watching the mother as she holds in tears from how beautiful and grown her daughter looks standing in her wedding gown.


There is so much love and excitement happening on a wedding day. I enjoy being around it and I enjoy documenting it all in a very beautiful way.


I chose to officially go full time with photography only two years ago. Since then, I’m amazed by how much my business has grown. I love the opportunities of getting to know so many amazing couples. I am someone who loves adventure, nature, travel, spontaneity, art, expression, and life! Luckily, all the couples attracted to my work seem to like the same things and because of that, we have so much fun!


I chose to feature photos from Lacie and Neco’s wedding because there was just something very special and magical about their day. They were one of sweetest couples I’ve ever met and we loved ending the night with a gorgeous sparkler photo under the stars.

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