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Ann Rance Photography - West Michigan Portrait & Event

Hello, I’m Ann Rance, owner of Ann Rance Photography, Michigan based event and portrait photographer!

I purchased my first 32mm camera back in 1996 with birthday money. I was 12 years old! I guess that is when you could say my photographic journey started. I was always very interested in photographing EVERYTHING I could. With each developed roll of film came more confidence.

During my Junior year of High School 2001-2002, art and photography was and still is one of my favorite subjects. Working in the dark room and seeing my images appear like magic on paper is truly incredible and I could only hope to work in such a way again in the future!

When I photograph a wedding, there is nothing like the love that surrounds everyone. It becomes very natural for me to photograph!

When I moved to Germany for a year in 2003, I purchased my first digital camera. Boy oh boy, the technology was fascinating to me, instant gratification! And by the time my daughter was born in 2005, I had a few variations of them! None of them were good enough for a quick moving toddler who could never keep her eyes open while the painfully long flash blinded her!

In 2010, I was finally able to shop for & purchase my first Nikon DSLR! I knew what I was wanting to achieve with my photos without Photoshop and a bunch of gear, and I knew that my previous products were not living up to my expectations. Since then, the possibilities have been endless and so is the knowledge of perfection in this line of passion!

When I photograph a senior portrait session, watching this very new young adult start the shoot off extremely nervous, break out of their shell in front of my eyes is very rewarding and I look forward to looking back on these photos with many good wishes for them!

I focus a lot of energy on becoming one with my subjects. I’m great with babies and children because I get down to their level physically and emotionally. Same with Mom and Dad.

It is so hard for me to pick just one favorite photo session! Sometimes my photos do not come from any “session,” but perhaps it is a few shots of the spider living just outside the back door.

No one session is ever the same and should never be treated as such. I feel that each photo and edit session should most certainly appeal to the individual's wants and needs based on their relationship with the photographer. Keeping a good attitude helps reflect a good attitude!

So here I am! My goal is simple. To enhance the beauty, not change it! Let me help remind you why you are smiling in the first place!

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