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I'm Amy, from Amy Louise Photography based in beautiful Seattle, Washington.  I never saw myself as a photographer, even though I have always valued photographs.  I remember as a child, sitting up late with a cousin looking over my Great Grandmother's photo albums for hours.  I loved seeing her family's memories captured.

Like many photographers, my interest in photography spiked with the arrival of my first baby.  I wanted to capture every moment I could, but would often feel frustrated that I couldn't get the images I saw all over Pinterest.  That year, my husband paid for me to take an in person class to learn how to shoot in manual.  Once I got off auto, I was hooked.  I invested in many online classes and in person workshops, as well as reading all sorts of photography related articles and message boards every evening.  I formed my business just a few short months ago and am thrilled with the way things are going.

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This session is one of my absolute favorites.  I had been wanting to photograph my sister's family for a long, long time, however, she lives in New Zealand so it wasn't  something I could do easily.  I was finally able to do it earlier this year.  It was a little different for me as I normally shoot beach sessions at sunset.  She lives on the east coast of New Zealand, so we did a sunrise session instead.  Getting three small children up and ready for a photo shoot at 7am is no easy feat, but the photographs are always worth it.  We had an amazingly beautiful morning on the beach in Christchurch, New Zealand.  This light is my passion, I absolutely love backlight and 75% of the time, that's how I shoot. I am so thrilled with how this session turned out and so pleased to be able to give my sister these precious memories of her children.

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My goal in photography is to capture genuine emotion and connection.  You will not see many images in my galleries of everyone smiling and looking at the camera.  A family interacting with each other is so much more beautiful and meaningful and these are the memories, we as parents, will cherish.

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