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Amara Dirks Photography - Alberta, Canada

One of the hardest things, aside from being in front of the camera, is writing about myself .. so here I am!  I'm Amara, owner and photographer of Amara Dirks Photography.  The little company that just turned ten years old only a few short weeks ago.   I live in the country with my mister, Shawn, and large family of animals that keep me just as busy as photography!

Is it cliche to say I love what I do?  Perhaps, but I feel lucky to have found what I love at such a young age, spending my parents money on film, developing, and a ridiculous amount of photo albums.  Clearly they were ok with funding my projects as I have boxes of photos to show for it!  I just loved cracking open that envelope to see what worked, and what didn't.  I had no idea it would be something I'd be doing forever until after high school, where it was a small suggestion handed to me from my Aunt.  She figured I should pursue it .. and my response "don't artists starve?"

So here I am, ten years later and a fridge with food in it!  I graduated from the Western Academy of Photography in 2006 with all intentions to never become a wedding photographer.  Suppose I shouldn't have been so hasty to make such big decisions so quickly, as I have been so fortunate to travel to incredible places with beautiful people .. for their wedding!  Though I don't specialize in just weddings and engagements as I just can't do one thing all the time, I do love my family sessions that keep weekdays buzzing with entertainment!

This wedding I'm going to show you all, was something I had never dreamt of being a part of ten years ago when I started this journey.  Skagway, Alaska.  On a boat, with two incredible people.


I never walk into my sessions with big plans, or ideas, because every single person, couple and family have their own interesting dynamic and you can't plan for things to happen a certain way.      Much like the weather - if you shoot outside, I know the weather app is your best friend!  I'm not a planner, organized because I have to be, so perhaps this is why I walk into every session with a very open mind.  The first big step in my day with my clients, is to ensure that they are comfortable (even if I'm secretly losing it inside, because sometimes that happens!), that I'm making it the best experience they have ever had in front of the camera.


Being able to read a persons body language,  and of course, their sense of humor are so important (laughing takes away the nerves!).  My top priorities.  The rest just falls into place.

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Lastly, I leave you with this.  If you love what you do, it shows in your work.  Show up, be present, smile lots and do the best you can.  I couldn't imagine doing life any other way!

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