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Hi, Friends!

My name is Alyssa Jeandron, owner and photographer of Alyssa Grace Photography. I have been capturing the memories of Dallas/Fort Worth families since 2010 and I'm proud to provide my clients with high-quality products that will last not only one but many lifetimes. I strive to create a memorable and pleasant experience for every client as we preserve their life's most precious moments. The Dallas/ Fort Worth area is an amazing place to live as a photographer, we have access to so many sides of the cultural spectrum. One day, I may find myself photographing an engaged couple in the iconic Fort Worth Stockyards, the next a beautiful wedding in the surrounding countryside, and yet again I could be in the heart of Dallas - urban, modern, and beautiful. I love that I can accommodate the taste and individuality of my clients for all stages of life.

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Like other photographers that were asked to do a write-up for Basic Invite, my first thought was to post photos from my favorite weddings or engagement shoots. I have so many gorgeous events that I could choose from but I would prefer, instead, to show off something near and dear to my heart and the soul of my business. My happy space. Our Studio.

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This is the first step towards my vision for the future of Alyssa Grace Photography. Our small home studio opened just last year for sessions, consultations, and photo viewings. But more importantly, this is where our clients can come to touch, feel, and experience our carefully crafted product line. Our products have been created by using top-of-the-line labs that are the leaders of the printing industry. We want nothing but the best for every client that walks in our door! This means our experience ends with our clients holding something tangible in their hands, such as a book that will outlive them. Not files that will live only on a computer and likely die there as well. Quality work and quality experience from beginning to end.

Of course, we shoot there as well! - portraits, head shots, cake smash and even the occasional BBQ birthday shoot.

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My dream is that this is only the first of many studios to come. I have a vision for the future of Alyssa Grace Photography and this is only a baby step! Eventually I would like to use Alyssa Grace Photography studios as a tool to empower other photographers around the world with photographic skills to better themselves and also serve the community around them with high quality, easily accessible, and creative work.

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For now,  I feel that is extremely vital to one’s business to have a space that radiates with a positive and welcoming atmosphere that makes my clients feel comfortable and inspired.

That's all for now ;)


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