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Lisa and Ray got ready in their vintage farmhouse in the country. Lisa prepped while Ray worked on his souped up Model A. Then Ray made breakfast and coffee for Lisa. She went upstairs to change while he greeted a few neighbors that game over to write "just married" on his Model A. We had their first look out in front of their house on a quiet country road. Just the two of them in a tender moment together. Lisa and Ray's two dogs Ozzy and Lucy barked around them and ran. They jumped in the Model A, and we drove down Michigan Ave all the way to the Belle Isle Conservatory designed by Albert Kahn. The ceremony was short and sweet, and they had a lovely champagne toast in the garden outside the conservatory. Lisa, Ray and I then did a handful of portraits on the Island and then whisked off to Selden Standard a fabulous new restaurant in Detroit. They dined in the back yard on two long tables, had a brief speech and enjoyed the afternoon together. The cake and sweets table were beautiful, and the details were outstanding.

I am a full-time photographer that specializes in weddings and film. When I’m not shooting a wedding, you can find me on a movie set working as a still photographer on television and film. I am proud to say I am a member of the International Cinematographers Guild. I love making everything look and feel like an editorial spread and take pride in working closely with the client to achieve this goal. I take a limited amount of weddings each year because quality over quantity is my thing. I want to make your wedding a work of art because making art is what I love. I own a french bulldog named Ruthie, who keeps me in stitches and is one of the most photographed and spoiled dogs I know.

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