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Ever since I could remember I've been a romantic. I frequently thought about my possible future of marriage,  watched romance movies and just wondered how grand love can be. When I was in the 8th grade I had an epiphany that I wanted to become a photographer, not just any photographer, but a wedding photographer. I knew it would not be an easy task, but at the time I didn't realize all that come with the territory of being a wedding photographer. That Christmas, my father bought me a cheap point and shoot camera. I honestly thought it was the best thing in the world. I brought that thing with me everywhere for the next year snapping random photos of anything I could.

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A couple years passed and I really hadn't done much with my dreams of becoming a photographer. I in-fact replaced my dreams with something easier to grasp and went down the road to becoming a chef. Years later I moved to Charleston South Carolina where my roommate had a DSLR camera and was enrolling to the photography program at The Art Institute. I didn't think much of it at the time, but that was the start of something new. Before I knew it 6 months passed and I moved back to Myrtle Beach where I had originally lived. I started taking classes at the local college for culinary, but I daydreamed still of becoming a photographer.

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Months later I got laid off from work and I wasn't in many classes for culinary anymore. My life was not going in the direction I had hoped so I decided it was time to reach for my dreams. I remembered a time my old roommate had mentioned he was going to apply for an internship at a local wedding photography studio. I thought this may be a good place for me to start as well. I went up to the studio he had mentioned and was told to shoot the studio manager an e-mail. Much to my surprise the manager replied telling me to come in and offered me an unpaid internship for the next 4 months. That internship is what paved my path to starting my own studio.

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Fast forward 5 years I am here today providing breathtaking imagery for all future brides & grooms through a company I built called. alice heart photography. Based on the preface of capturing not only the big moments of your wedding day, but the small details that really represent who you are as a couple.

Promising to photograph more than images, but emotions that will sweep you back to that moment each and every time.

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Achieving the best results by truly getting to know clients and creating an individual experience from beginning to end. Working closely with you from pre-planning your wedding day to designing your perfect album. Striving to leave an impression that will last well beyond your wedding day.

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