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My Story

Hi there! My name is Crystal Allen, I'm a natural light wedding photographer based in Southern Indiana serving the Greater Louisville area. I spent 2 years in front of the camera doing small modeling jobs here and there right out of high school and realized, at a whole 5foot2inches, modeling wasn't really going to go anywhere big for me.

After I was married, a photographer I'd previously shot with asked me to do another shoot with him in my wedding gown in exchange for a camera. He followed through and I was the proud owner of a Canon 20D (which was like gold to me at the time!). An instant love was found and so, my story behind the camera begins. In 2009 I did one mentor session with that photographer (who is, sadly, no longer shooting) and hit the ground running.2

My Why

Photography is so much more than just 'capturing memories' to me. Dementia has made an appearance in my family. My grandmother has been fully affected by this disease and my uncle, at age 62, is now battling dementia as well. My memory has always been fleeting and I have very few memories from my early adult life. That terrifies me. But photographs... Through photographs I can remember. And so my entire reason for shooting. The memories, The moments, The feelings, The emotions. While they are so fleeting, with this camera I'm able to memorialize every little detail. The tiny curls, the father's tears, the wide-eyed innocent smiles, the pristine white dress. With this camera nothing is forgotten.


This gorgeous wedding was on June 25, 2016 and you'd think it would've been scorching... well, it was! But regardless of the relentless heat, Justin & Andrea  were the perfect bride/groom duo at the perfect, private venue on what ended up being the perfect day. This is their wedding story Justin & Andrea's love for each other is the most prominent thing that stood out about their wedding... But without these images, what might be forgotten? The details? The look on his face during the First Look? The way the sun fell that day? Invest time into finding a wedding photographer for your big day that is enthusiastic about helping you remember everything about your wedding, through images, for the rest of your life.

xoxo Crystal

Contact me here! Find out more about me here! See more of my work on Facebook & on my Website!

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