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A Maternity Session with Pantone Photography


Motherhood is a special time but especially for the first time mother.  One of my favorite photo sessions was a maternity session with Abby at her home.  Maternity session

It’s amazing how mothers-to-be do not consider themselves beautiful.  Upon arrival, my first thought was this woman is simply glowing.  She looked amazing.  The perfect belly bump accentuated her motherly glow.

Maternity session

Why was this one of my favorite sessions?   Capturing this special first in the couple’s life was a big reason.  They were both excited about their little bundle of joy scheduled to arrive in about a month. Plus the light was a photographer's dream.

Maternity sessionMaternity session

When Abby said “just tell me what to do, I don’t know what to do”, I knew we would capture some magic.  This is such a common concern with photography clients.  Most clients, unless you are a fashion photographer, have never or rarely been in front of a camera.

Maternity sessionMaternity sessionPrior to the session, I made it a point to study up on posing for maternity clients.  Our job, as photographers, is to make the client look great despite what they make think of their appearance.  Simple tips like leaning on one leg or quarter turning to one side can have a significant effect on the final photograph.

Maternity session

In this case, we wanted to accentuate the belly bump.  Abby and her husband Jesse were so laid back and easy to work with.  They were willing to try new things and both responded well to instruction.Maternity session

As photographers, we have to be in control of the session.  When I first started out, I wanted to avoid being bossy, but I quickly learned my clients were looking to me for direction.  They truly have no idea what to do, or if they look good doing it.

As I instructed Abby, spontaneous poses arose.  I would say “hold that for a moment”, or “go back to your hand there”.  As the clients relax, they naturally fall into a pose that makes them look great and often times they have fun with their session.  Maternity sessionMaternity session

With an emphasis on natural portrait photography, I am always looking for that magic moment.  The client(s) relax and fall into a natural rhythm, allowing me to capture their true selves.  In the end, that is my goal.  There are plenty of studio and fashion photographers out there, my hope is to capture my clients in their natural element all while making them look their best. Maternity session Maternity sessionIn this case, I was able to capture the magic of a first time mother-to-be.  She was very happy with the final product.  It also helped to have the photo session at her home, where she could take breaks as needed.  Her husband Jesse was able to be on standby for the shots of the couple. Maternity session

A few months later, Abby contacted me to do a family session, now with the newest arrival.  Repeat clients are my greatest compliment.

Mother & son

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