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A Love Story- By Mel Anne Photography: Michigan Wedding & Portrait Photographer



Hey Guys, Melissa here! Wedding & Portrait Photographer serving all of Michigan since Circa 2010! Every summer since I was a small child, my grandparents bravely travelled across the state to Northern Michigan & spent weeks on end teaching my brother & myself about camping, fishing, living simply, & the beauty of nature. It was there, at just 5 years old, that I discovered my love for photography.. with a classic 35mm film camera. In later years, I enrolled in classes that helped develop my eye for capturing moments. I would spend hours in the dark room of my high school, analyzing every detail & perfecting my skill.

Michigan Love, Michigan Wedding, East Coast Wedding Michigan Wedding: Kira & Nico Engagement

Flash forward a few years later when I became a Certified Wedding Coordinator & decided to combine my love for details & moments into one business: Mel Anne Photography LLC.


It is so incredibly hard to pick just ONE session that I love the most, because I love them all for different reasons! Every session is unique just like every person is! n7

Engagements (along with Weddings) are definitely high on my list, though! I love the entire process. From picking an awesome location based on the couple's style & personality.. likes & dislikes. To helping the Bride-to-be coordinate wardrobe choices & pick the best glam squad to help her true beauty shine!


My number one goal to every Engagement session is to first & foremost ensure that the couple has a memorable time full of laughter & love! If that means I have to break out Uncle Bob's list of corny jokes.. well then so be it! ;)


I particularly love Kara & Nico's session because they gave me complete creative freedom & trusted in my vision! That is a powerful tool for any creative. Not to mention the location was a perfect blend of color, light, & architecture.


During Engagement Sessions, I typically ask my clients to dance, sing, tell me how he purposed.. meanwhile I will be falling while walking backwards, shouting funny obnoxious noises from behind my camera, getting stung by bees, and squealing with excitement!!! (It's all in a days work, right?? lol)


Here is what Kara wrote about her experience:

"We loved working with Mel Anne photography! She did an amazing job with our engagement photos. She is very professional & everything was planned out perfect, I did not have to worry or think about one thing, she was on top of it all! In the end she delivered nothing short of AMAZING! We loved all of our images! Melissa is truly dedicated to everything she does and we can't wait to have her capture our wedding day!"


In the end, I love love. And I love to love what I do.



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