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7 Ways a Bride Chose To Honor Her Deceased Father


7 Ways a Bride Chose To Honor Her Deceased Father

Featured Photographer: Photos By Yaz

Movies and photographs have it all wrong. Life is not perfect, and sometimes it’s painful to accept what you cannot change. As a photographer, I'm been in the presence of life's pinnacle moments, from births to marriages; however, there is something to be said about the grief we experience at the lost of a loved one. Consequently, the biggest celebrations in life are hindered with a thought and awareness that someone is missing. Hence, the best times are achingly incomplete.

Traditionally, the father plays an essential role on his daughter’s wedding day. In some cases, he may even officiate the ceremony. Furthermore, the father may host the wedding, give a toast, and plays an essential role in the father-daughter dance. Not to mention, It's excruciatingly painful to find the right person that’ll represent certain roles on your special day. Most of all, you want things to run smoothly without drawing too much attention to the moments that make you vulnerable.

My bride and friend Lacie found herself planning the beginning and closing of a chapter; a wedding and funeral. Due to cancer, her father passed away shortly after she became engaged. Planning a wedding after losing a loved one can be a rough reminder of their absence. Some couples decide on doing without the remembrance of a loved one all together as it has the potential to reopen deep wounds and remind them of where their loved one is supposed to be. As a result, it’s okay to feel sad and cry though it’s one of the happiest days of your life. The ways this bride chose to honor to father brought me to tears and inspired me! Here’s to Randy, and all the daddy’s girls.

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Images provided by: Photos by Yaz

1.  A prayer written for the bride's father on the backside of the program.


2. A handkerchief given to the bride as a gift on behalf of her father.


3. The bride had a heart stitched onto the inside of her dress from her father's favorite shirt.


4. The Bride had her father's wedding band tied to her bouquet.


5. The couple chose to put out a special chair to remember the bride's father, so that he'd "have the perfect view".


6. Before making her way to the groom, the bride and her mother took a moment to remember her father.


7. The Bride and Groom remembered her dad by dancing to the song played at his funeral in place of the father-daughter dance.


Wedding Coordinator: Cheryl with Iron Branding Events

Venue: Zedler Mill

Flowers: Maxine at The Floral Studio

COMPANY: Photos by Yaz


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