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Laura Puzic Photography

My first experience with taking pictures was with a Polaroid instant camera when I was about ten years old.  I took my creative license seriously by doing styled shoots with my toy poodle, Peaches.  Despite my promising career, in middle and high school, I advanced in music, playing the flute and piano. After I graduated high school, I went to college to pursue a degree in pharmacy.


After graduating, I practiced pharmacy for a brief few years, got burnt out, and decided to make a big life change.  I went part time and explored hobbies.  Baking. Sewing. Vegan cooking. Painting. Belly dancing. Yoga. And, you guessed it, photography.


I was new and naïve, jumping at any opportunity to take photos.  I was mostly confused about what my vision for my business was at that point, and I think that showed in my work. Luckily, as time went on, I began to find my style.  I found that the sessions that spoke to my heart the most were newborn sessions.


Now, I wasn't a “baby person”, but there was something so sweet and lovely about newborns.  I wasn't even able to truly understand the beauty of babies until I had my very own little angel earlier this year.  My baby only increased my passion for wanting to take pictures of babies and their mamas and papas in those tender loving first few weeks of life.


That new beginning is so overwhelming, intoxicating, and SO fleeting.  I feel compelled to try and suspend those moments, so, that one day, the ma and pa can look back and remember the coos and squeaks that came out of that sweet smelling angel of theirs.


I know that when I look back at the newborn photos of my baby that it just makes me melt.  I remember moments that I might have otherwise forgotten in my sleep deprived state.  AND... I am so thankful that I have pictures to jumpstart my memory.  That's what I want to provide to other parents... because I know just how important and meaningful those memories are.


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