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Hey you guys! My name is Misty Rosenbaum and I am from south west Arkansas. I am the owner of Captured by Misty Photography. I am also a wife and mother of four wonderful kiddos. I grew up in the country and loved every minute of it. I spent my childhood riding horses, mudding four wheelers, and jumping hay bales. I actually went to college for Diesel Technology and eventually became a mechanic where I met my husband! Doesn't that sound like a fairy tale?! He was the lead mechanic in the dealership shop where I got hired on and it was something very close to love at first sight. He was a single dad of three and I was a single mom of one and we joined forces to make up a happy house hold of six.

Let me get to the photography part of the story. I got the chance a few months after September 11th, at the age of 15, to take a trip to New York city. My parents lent me their old Canon Rebel from the early 90's and off I went to explore the big city. I didn't have a clue how to operate it. I came home with very few images that were not of clouds from the wing seat of the airplane. After the trip, the camera was forgotten at the top of my closet until two years later. It was my senior year and time to send out graduation invitations. A friend of mine couldn't afford senior pictures so I said, "hey I've got this old camera in my closet, I don't really know how to use it, but I'd be willing to try and take your senior pictures."


My friend agreed and off we went taking pictures. Now I get tickled to look at those pictures but at the time we were pretty impressed with them. I lived in a tiny town with a population of like 1500, so it didn't take long for other people to hear I had done this senior session. More friends came and asked me to do their senior images. That is how I got my start in photography. As the years went by I kept doing pictures for free and eventually people urged me to start charging for my work. It took me forever to get comfortable with that idea lol. Honestly, I never imagined I would work full time as a photographer. After all I was going to school as a mechanic. As time went on I realized I was in love with photography and my heart yearned for the opportunity to start my own business. Fast forward ten years and I am running my own business; a business, I have a feeling, my kiddos will be a part of before too long. They tag along on my shoots and help hold the reflector. They also take and edit their own images at the age of 12 & 13 and enter them into the county fair. Its the small things that makes a momma's heart full and happy.


I honestly do not have a favorite session I have done. I love each session I complete but probably each for a different reason. I love being in the presence of real love while shooting a engagement session. I enjoy editing newborns because during the session your working your tail off, but during the post shoot work you get to fully enjoy the awe moments captured for not only your lifetime but theirs too. I love weddings because I get to see the grooms first glance at his bride, or the tears rolling down a dad's cheek as he gives his daughter away. Family shoots with small children are amazing because you get to see a young mom or dad finding their way down the path we call parenthood. Senior sessions are great because I get to capture these young men and women right before they step out into the big world on their own. They are just at the cusp of setting their goals and becoming the person they will grow into while their eyes are bright with opportunity.  Each session is just as precious as a newborns first breath during a birth documentary. I love being able to show the world as I see it. I love even more watching my children draw their own opinions of not only my art but their own.

In the beginning I was drawn to the realization that some people, especially women, do not know their own beauty or worth. I made sure that my concentration during the shoot was not the amazing background but also poses that would make a woman see her the way I see her.


I cherished the moment a client would see herself through my eyes for the first time and realized they truly are beautiful and unique. This applies not only to women , but men or couples. In everyday life its easy to be swept up in a routine and to forget how to appreciate what we have or who we are. I like to think my photography reminds my clients of these forgotten things.

The images shown are of one of my top favorite shoots. Its located in a old abandoned Ice plant in Nashville, Arkansas, where I am located. The stunning young lady wanted a unique session to capture her own form of art: ballet. The combination of beauty and rusty urban decay is a perfect mix. We truly enjoyed ourselves during this shoot. We pretty much just let go and had fun. Some might think an old abandoned ice plant to be spooky, but it's right up my alley. As a kid I loved anything old or mysterious, and as a adult I can't say much has changed. I relish adventure and exploring, and this shoot most definitely fit those requirements. I love what we were able to create during this session and hope you will enjoy it also.


At Captured by Misty Photography we try to personalize every shoot. We go beyond to capture the personality of our clients and are proud to say we love everyday we get to spend in this business. Like us  on Facebook or follow us on Instagram to stay connected  on our journey to where this wonderful thing called Life leads us.

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