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The Mackay

Photographers. Videographers. Guest sign in book. Frozen slices of cake. Copies of programs and menus. Guests posts to Instagram. Custom hashtags. Facebook albums.

Your wedding day is something you want to remember for the rest of your life. When I got married, I did all of the aforementioned and more to try and capture every little detail about that day. I didn't want to miss one aspect of it, and the jury is still out on how successful I was. Lets just say, that frozen piece of cake didn't stay frozen very long.

Mostly because I ate it.

We know that you are doing your absolute best to capture every little moment that happens on your big day. We tried to create an invitation that conveyed that idea in a fun and whimsical way. What better way to personify all of those things than with adorable fireflies? We present, The Mackay.


Like all of our invitations and cards, this whimsical wedding invitation is fully customizable. Change the background, font, and all of the colors. Make it one hundred percent you!

The Mackay is now available here, ready to be the perfect invitation for your big day.

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