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Hi, I’m Tracy Grant. The creative behind

I love books, talking to friends, and being a cool Mom of 4 kids. I grew up in a small town in Michigan and then moved to Detroit, then back to a small town! I love the city and all its energy. Some days I really miss it, but then I step outside, and am immediately surrounded by natural beauty.

Photography is in my blood and I started pursuing it as a career in the fourth grade (science fairs rock!)

The last 8 years I have gone out on my own and I'm loving it. I do primarily weddings and families. I also freelance for Edible Grande Traverse magazine.

Whether it's a big event or intimate, my clients are the stars, not me.

I want you to have the best. I’m not super formal or fussy, but I am professional and care about your images.

On a shoot you can expect a few jokes, warmth, and caring, all directed towards you, hopefully  putting  you at ease. :)

pyramid-point-engagement -session-karunaphoto-photo20160529_0001

I have so many favorite photography sessions... seriously, I love them all!

One that comes immediately to mind is Sarah and Patrick’s engagement photos.

pyramid-point-engagement -session-karunaphoto-photo20160529_0013pyramid-point-engagement -session-karunaphoto-photo20160529_0016pyramid-point-engagement -session-karunaphoto-photo20160529_0027pyramid-point-engagement -session-karunaphoto-photo20160529_0007pyramid-point-engagement -session-karunaphoto-photo20160529_0020pyramid-point-engagement -session-karunaphoto-photo20160529_0041

We explored Sarah’s favorite beach and hiked pyramid Point trail in the National Park.

pyramid-point-engagement -session-karunaphoto-photo20160529_0042pyramid-point-engagement -session-karunaphoto-photo20160529_0070

They had an “entourage” of family and friends to help with smiles and inspiring tunes.

It's a steep mile and a half climb up but these two had been hiking 10 miles a day in the Denali national forest the week before.

pyramid-point-engagement -session-karunaphoto-photo20160529_0080pyramid-point-engagement -session-karunaphoto-photo20160529_0078

The location and the people were amazing!

pyramid-point-engagement -session-karunaphoto-photo20160529_0090 pyramid-point-engagement -session-karunaphoto-photo20160529_0111 pyramid-point-engagement -session-karunaphoto-photo20160529_0115

They brought a bottle of favorite local sparkling wine to set the mood.

pyramid-point-engagement -session-karunaphoto-photo20160529_0122 pyramid-point-engagement -session-karunaphoto-photo20160529_0132 pyramid-point-engagement -session-karunaphoto-photo20160529_0145

It was a fun adventure and I loved getting to know them both before their wedding.

Maybe I'm biased, but you can see how beautiful they turned out. :)

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