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Not so long ago, I met a very nice couple to talk about maybe photographing their upcoming wedding, and they had a question that I’ll never forget. She asked me “Which wedding has been the most difficult one you ever had and why?”

Carlos-Salazar-Photography-Wedding-Photography-Orange-County-Wedding-Photography-Los-Angeles-Bridal-Session-Alyssa-002 Carlos-Salazar-Photography-Wedding-Photography-Orange-County-Wedding-Photography-Los-Angeles-Bridal-Session-Alyssa-017 Carlos-Salazar-Photography-Wedding-Photography-Orange-County-Wedding-Photography-Los-Angeles-Bridal-Session-Alyssa-001 I started thinking about the weddings I had shot up to that point, trying to find the most difficult one.

“I’ve found one! I thought to myself” and then I remembered another one, and then another, and another and so forth…

I paused for a moment, and I thought about it… Then, with a smile I said, “Yours!” It sounded funny, they both smiled, they looked at each other, and I can only imagine how confused they were with my answer... so they said “What do you mean?”

San-Diego-Temple-Wedding-Photography-LDS-Weddings-San-Diego-Temple-Carlos-Salazar-Photography-Wedding-Photography-Los-Angeles-Wedding-Photography-Orange-County-0048 San-Diego-Temple-Wedding-Photography-LDS-Weddings-San-Diego-Temple-Carlos-Salazar-Photography-Wedding-Photography-Los-Angeles-Wedding-Photography-Orange-County-0047 San-Diego-Temple-Wedding-Photography-LDS-Weddings-San-Diego-Temple-Carlos-Salazar-Photography-Wedding-Photography-Los-Angeles-Wedding-Photography-Orange-County-0042

I came to realize that every wedding has been the Most Difficult One, because it is not just another event, every wedding is THE ONE, is the only wedding you will ever have, is the only wedding You will ever want, and is my only chance to make and capture those wonderful moments that are going to last you a life time.

I understood why my answer meant so much to me, so I explained to them why their wedding would be the most difficult one. They smiled at me, they looked at each other again, and said: “I guess we’ve never expected to hear that answer”

San-Diego-Temple-Wedding-Photography-LDS-Weddings-San-Diego-Temple-Carlos-Salazar-Photography-Wedding-Photography-Los-Angeles-Wedding-Photography-Orange-County-0001 San-Diego-Temple-Wedding-Photography-LDS-Weddings-San-Diego-Temple-Carlos-Salazar-Photography-Wedding-Photography-Los-Angeles-Wedding-Photography-Orange-County-0018San-Diego-Temple-Wedding-Photography-LDS-Weddings-San-Diego-Temple-Carlos-Salazar-Photography-Wedding-Photography-Los-Angeles-Wedding-Photography-Orange-County-0029

We wrapped up our meeting, and when I got back to my place I noticed I had received an email from them. I opened it, and as in photography services it said “You are the kind of person that I would WANT to be at my wedding...”

San-Diego-Temple-Wedding-Photography-LDS-Weddings-San-Diego-Temple-Carlos-Salazar-Photography-Wedding-Photography-Los-Angeles-Wedding-Photography-Orange-County-0015 San-Diego-Temple-Wedding-Photography-LDS-Weddings-San-Diego-Temple-Carlos-Salazar-Photography-Wedding-Photography-Los-Angeles-Wedding-Photography-Orange-County-0010 San-Diego-Temple-Wedding-Photography-LDS-Weddings-San-Diego-Temple-Carlos-Salazar-Photography-Wedding-Photography-Los-Angeles-Wedding-Photography-Orange-County-0012

That day I realized how much Wedding Photography truly meant to me. It is not just about taking pictures! It is about being able to see the inner and outer beauty. It is about making that moment special, and everlasting.

Hoping to create your everlasting memories.

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