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Elizabeth Page Photography - Embracing Versatility

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Page and I’m the girl behind Elizabeth Page Photography. I live and work in the beautiful Atlanta, GA and I have lived in Georgia most of my life! I am passionate about traveling the world, enjoying good food & coffee, spending time with friends/family, and going to the mountains. Photography has been a hobby of mine for many years, but I started a business in 2015 on the side while I work in Marketing as my full time career.

As you can see, my style is very vibrant and colorful.

I enjoy working with all different types of people in many settings, and my work reflects that versatility:  I’ve done everything from engagement shoots, weddings, lifestyle shoots, special events, family, music, and last but not least “bathtub shoots”

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My goal is to make people feel as free as possible. I want people to walk away feeling better than they did before they did before & really loving the way they look in photographs.


While working with clients, I usually don’t plan as much as I let emotions organically flow through them. I usually ask them questions about what they enjoy doing and highlight those things about them so I can capture something they are really passionate about.


And on those rare magical occasions, I’m able to help someone feel beautiful in face of an illness, loss, or disability.

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When I shoot weddings, I like to be the “invisible” photographer, that is like a fly on the wall documenting this special once in a lifetime event.


If you would like to see more of my work and learn how to contact/learn more about me, please visit my website at:

Alternatively, you can fill out the contact form below.

My arms will always open for a consultation or appointment.

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