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I, Anne Gattilia, am the owner and lead photographer of Elegant Edge Photography.  When I was asked to select only one wedding to feature in this post, I really had to stop and think what makes each of the weddings that I shoot special to me.  The experience is what I always think back on, and Jacqueline and Stephen’s wedding was a particularly special one. We kept an eye on the weather all week leading up to the wedding, and the forecast was just rain, and lots of it.  I was sure to prepare my couple with the possibility that it would not be the beautiful day that every couple hopes they will have.


The morning of the wedding, that possibility became a reality; it was pouring and the radar showed no hope of a break.  My couple (as well as the bridal party and all of the guests) took it all in stride.  Dresses were hiked up when necessary, and all the splashing through puddles was done while smiling and celebrating.


The church was beautiful and so perfectly lit that it was simple to shoot the ceremony.  Because we knew that the venue had very limited indoor or outdoor locations to shoot formals, we decided to see how creative we could get with the formals in the church.  We used the lighting and the lines of the church to create many types of dynamic images, all while it poured outside.

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Minutes before arriving at the venue, the sky cleared into a beautiful blue sky.  Since there were few options of locations to shoot there, we headed to the parking lot on the water to see what we could get, and I could not have been happier with how the photos turned out.


The bridal party took it all in stride, and was willing to take some time before the reception to get the images done.  My favorite shot from the entire day was of Jacqueline and Stephen being silhouetted in front of the perfect sky.


So yes, I loved the photos from this wedding but just as importantly I loved the experience.  My couple took the whole day as it was, and made it a great experience for their friends and family, and also for my assistant and me.

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