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Dual Edge Photography

If you visit our website or social media profiles, you'll repeatedly see the same phrase (or similar phrase with a few amendments) repeated over and over. "We take photographs of people being awesome." That's how my husband, Adam, and I (Chelsea) view this job. Photography to us is an adventure. It's running though the rain barefoot. It's rolling around in the grass laughing. It's about being alive. We try to instill that same feeling in our clients during their sessions too...because, why not have the most fun possible?

Brittany and Jay took that ride to adventure with us during their engagement shoot for sure. We laughed, we popped champagne, and we loved spending that time together shooting and loving life. Surprisingly enough, it was January and we were on a local beach near our house. They rocked the shoot through the cold, and on the wet and slimy sand. It was glorious and worth it and we can't wait until their wedding day.

I remember just starting out with photography and how scary it seemed and how inferior I felt about my work. I've grown enormously as an artist since then and so has Adam. We come home from every shoot and feel honored that we are able to live a passionate, artistic life alongside people who are experiencing massive life events that they will never forget.

I feel a rush of adrenaline dancing with them at midnight at their reception. I feel amazed as teary-eyed parents hug us and wish us a safe drive home at the end of the night. We've gained an enormous family and groups of dear friends through all of this. This is why we do what we do. This is how we celebrate photography and the people within the photos. This is why we take photographs of people being awesome.

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