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Money Envelope Printable

Free Money Envelope Printable

This free money envelope printable is perfect to bail you out of your procrastination!  Everyone loves to give out gift cards, but lets be real for a second, cash is better than a gift card in almost every way.  It spends everywhere, has zero expirations, and you can't forget to write how much its worth on it!  So the one thing possibly, that a gift card has over cash is the purported "thought and effort was put into it" excuse.  But, hear me out - you can buy gift cards just about everywhere; with about the same amount of effort the purchase of a candy bar requires.  Standing in checkout, "Oh, hey didn't we need to get a gift card for Dad?".  Yep - don't lie, you've all been there.  As a father myself, I'm qualified to say you might want to just stick with the candy bar.  I don't need another thing to carry in my wallet - unless it's cash. I only accept hundreds. You know - to keep the thickness of my wallet down.

Throw in the effort required to hand-make the envelope that holds your precious gift of cash, and you have a dead ringer.  This combination trumps a gift card every day through Sunday.


Cut it out.  I prefer to use a kraft knife and a cutting board, but scissors would work equally well on this project.


If you're a perfectionist, give this free money envelope printable a good hand score.  I like this little Martha Stewart board and bone folder, found at most major craft stores.

IMG_1977IMG_1978Fold the outer triangle flaps first, followed by the bottom flap.


Little double sided tape, or a glue dot works well for a quick seal.

IMG_1983 IMG_1984

Stuff it with some cash.  More than what we show here.


Little tape on the point of the flap works great here too.


Enjoy the spoils of victory!


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