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DIY: Scrabble Coasters

Spell it out! Homemade scrabble coasters that would make the perfect name cards that double as wedding favors!

These scrabble coasters are the perfect idea for a small wedding. Not only are they are incredible easy to make but they would knock your guests off their feet!

 Follow the instructions below to make your very own scrabble coasters:

  • Be on the lookout for Scrabble tiles at thrift shops or yard sales.

 Once you have your tiles in hand, pick out the tiles that you would like to use on your first coaster. Try spelling out a name or object.

 Stain the tiles only for the word you are spelling out.

 Paint carpenter's glue onto a piece of cork board. Then start adding your tiles.

 Using an Xacto knife, cut as close as you can around the tiles.

 Add varnish to all the tiles.  Then let dry.


 Idea, instructions and photos curtesy of Intimate Weddings.

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