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Deepak M. for Ehm Studio

As a tween, I LOVED (and still do) Super Street magazine- Fast and the Furious 1 (the best one) had just came out, the California sun was shining and my summer days reading about cars and riding my bike around town could not have been any better. I didn’t know it then but it was in these instances that my recognition of the intimate harmony between light and emotion, composition and style would coalesce to fuel my photographic creativity.

A bit more about me is my LOVE for the physical sciences and people which led me to study human physiology and metabolism, earning myself a Bachelor's degree in Science from UC Berkeley. My passions for photography re-emerged in my many travels around the globe after college. I lived in Argentina and Spain where I learned my third language, Spanish! In this process I learned how vastly dynamic the way one speaks can affect emotion and expression, motivating me to buy my first Canon DSLR camera in hopes of capturing even a fraction of my experience to share with my family and friends back home. I committed myself to learning EVERY single setting and how those settings further affected my images- I fell in deeper love with, as nerdy as this sounds, the physics of light while at the same, learning to literally stop and smell the roses, catch distant smiles and let the light, in all its’ various forms, move me.

I made my ways back home to the Bay Area and by this time, many of my friends started to get married and asked me to cover their wedding photography after having followed my instagram page through my year of traveling. This snowballed into my now 5 years of experience in wedding photography which also paved the way for me to explore corporate photography and even a bit of videography these past years!

Today, I work as a public health researcher, contributing to projects that work to limit health disparities among minority populations in San Francisco. I still LOVE the Cali sun and photography continues to allow me to express my creative side while energizing my love for people, families and communities!

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