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Ever since I can remember, I have always been fascinated by artistic visuals. Certain colors, shapes, and textures seemed to capture my attention in a way that no person ever could. I remember getting my first camera when I was younger, and I wanted to take pictures of anything and everything (and I mean everything). Those photos mostly consisted of me and my friends – the people I loved. I did not know much about real photography at that point, but I knew it was something I wanted to learn.

I decided to go to college and study business and photography. Through different assignments and projects in my photography classes, I realized that I loved shooting people (with a camera, don’t worry). I loved capturing emotion, but not just any kind of emotion – love. It is incredible to me that the one universal language can be wrapped up all in a simple photo. How amazing is that?!

I have been shooting professionally for 3.5 years now, and I have come such a long way since the beginning. Based in Roanoke, Virginia, I am a natural light portrait and wedding photographer – the outdoors is my best friend! I like to use nature to enhance my photos without taking away from my subjects. Getting to know my clients before the shoot is big for me so that I can get a feel for who they are and make sure that I am conveying their personalities in my shots. It is important to me to make each person feel comfortable (I will act like a complete fool if I have to so that I can get genuine smiles) AND amazing in front of the camera so that it becomes a fun experience!

IMG_0058 IMG_0492 IMG_2271 IMG_2361 IMG_2369  IMG_2464-2 IMG_2523 IMG_2572 IMG_2621 IMG_2708 IMG_2771 IMG_2935 IMG_2952  IMG_9851  I had the opportunity to shoot the wedding of my good friend, Amanda, and her husband Jon. This sweet couple got married in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, and the setting could not have been more perfect. It was an overcast day (ideal for shooting), with just a bit of sprinkles falling from the sky here and there. I don’t want to be cheesy, but the sunshine came from the hearts of everyone in attendance (aaah so cheesy, I know!). Jon and Amanda did not let anything keep them from enjoying every single moment of that day. How could you anyway when you’re surrounded by all of the people you love? Oh goodness, I just love weddings! When my big day comes, I hope it measures up to just how amazing this one was!


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