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Daydreamers Captured Memories- Child Photography

This right here is my true passion! Capturing portraits of children having fun, doing what they love, and capturing those little details that will so quickly change. Photographing children is so much fun, seeing their personality is my favorite part. This session was a BLAST! His mama is always creating fantastic props for her boy's sessions and at this session, she blew me away!

Child Photography 5th Birthday Session- Gone Fishing

We had a wooden raft, lantern, sail, life saver, fishing poles, and of course, he was dressed perfectly for some fun fishing!Child Photography


Outdoor Child Photography

Every detail was perfect. When we got to the location I was in love, the water was so clear! Little did I know then that it would be FREEZING. At first, he danced around but eventually forgot it was cold. Although the water was freezing, I rolled up my pants and got in with him to make sure we got some amazing photos of him. When I am photographing I do pretty much anything to make sure we get those shots that mom is going to absolutely love.Posed Photography

This session was for his 5th birthday. Such a fun age to capture. As a mother myself, I know this age is a huge milestone so much starts to change so abruptly once they hit five. Their personality changes, they have their own opinions, style, likes and dislikes and are now able to really tell us. With this session, I wanted to make sure I got some photos of him having fun, smiling, laughing, splashing, and just being a boy.

Child Photographer

Small Details photos Little Feet

When I started my business, I knew I LOVED working with children. I always knew I wanted to specialize in child photography. I love watching these children grow. Capturing simple things like their feet, them looking off at something that captured their attention, those photos of them laughing, or making some crazy face are always my favorites.Fun Photo shoot

Photographer Fishing Session

I have been fortunate enough to be able to photograph this little family for the last year and a half almost. I love my repeat clients, I love being able to see them regularly but to see the kids grow up and change.

Birthday Portraits Outdoor Photographer Riverside, CA Photographer

This session was so much fun. They made a few of the props on their own so not only do they have the day to remember but the process of making everything. They will have a great story to tell and have some fun portraits to share. One day he will be able to share these photos with his family. Remember the images that you capture and store will last a lifetime.

Child photography Child Photographer

One thing I loved most about this session is he got to enjoy himself. I just followed him around and had him pose here and there. Overall this is him having fun and you can see it in the portraits. Every session is different because every child is and I think it is important to be on their level. Some children I am high energy for and others I am super calm and let them make the decisions. Adapting to each session is something I have learned can really help get those portraits we want.

I love when clients have amazing ideas for a session! I love getting to be a part of something so fun and being able to save these memories for them.

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