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Darian Shantay | Orange County, CA


wedding and lifestyle photographer

Born and raised in Southern California. I grew up within a very creative and artistic family. My dad, the musician, who sings and creates BEAUTIFUL music. My brother, the producer, who engineers audio. My sister, the stylist, who can bring any vision to life with her hands. My mom, the decorator, who can turn any space into a work of art. & then me! The creator of all things beautiful. Lifestyle and editorial wedding photographer + a graphic designer for REVOLVE & FWRD when I am not behind the lens. You can say creative runs deep in this family!

2017 was the year I decided to take my hobby of photography and do more with it. I decided to make this change in my career because I saw how photography brought me so much joy. I love working with people and I LOVE seeing the reactions after someone sees a beautiful photograph of themselves. It makes me SO happy!

One photo shoot lead to another, which lead to a wedding, which lead me to back to back weddings in only my first year behind the lens! Each session brought new and challenging situations in what has molded me to who I am as a photographer today. With all I had learned in 2017, I am welcoming 2018 with arms wide open. I have such a love for this industry and all the beautiful new found friends that have come as a result.

This session here has been near and dear to my heart ever since shot. Newly engaged, Deborah and her Fiancé Michael reached out to me as I did their next door neighbor's family photos. Little did we know we would become such great friends by the end of our session. Deborah and Michael were beaming with love from the minute they stepped in front of my camera. I think they left such an impression on my heart because I knew they were example of true love. The way they looked at one another, talked about one another, and just enjoyed being in the moment together. When you see them, you just know… that is true love.

A big thank you to Basic Invite for allowing me to share my story. I can’t wait to meet the next beautiful couple or family and see what wonderful photos we can create next!


Darian Shantay


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