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Hello, World!

I guess I should start this thing by saying that I am really, really bad at describing myself. Everything feels like a mixture between a humblebrag and a boring autobiography. :)

Most photographers will tell you that they've always loved photography; this is true for me as well. What I hope separates me from most photographers is how much fun I have with my job! I've gotten to a place in my business where I can truly say I love all of my clients and truly love going to "work" every day. In what other business can I boost a woman's confidence, watch the beginnings of a love story, and witness the last memories with a loved one?

When you ask me to share a FAVORITE session, it's so hard to narrow down. Really, every time I leave a session it's my favorite and I just can't wait to get the proofs completed and shown to the client. I love showing people how they look through someone else's eyes and making them see just how incredible they really are.

The most recent favorite would have to be this gorgeous senior girl: Abby.  Abby has a love for cosmetology, modeling, & movies and would love to combine her loves in Hollywood someday. I think she's off to an amazing start!!

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Basic Invite offers a variety of personalized graduation invitations.

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