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Just recently I have realized my true passion in photography : the newborn session. For YEARS I have shied away from those dreaded long sessions and the struggle that new babies bring.  After taking time to learn (and an amazing workshop from Keri Meyers) I have found what my heart loves. I adore the chance to be creative and capture these sweet babies whom will change with the blink of an eye.


The earlier Moms contact me to schedule a session the better. I love planning for these little clients. Between choosing colors and props I want each session perfect. My love for all things vintage plays a big part in prop selecting. I like picking items that are unique and aged, posing a great contrast with that new little life. Just recently I've started making my own tie backs and headbands that are made exclusively with vintage materials - Nella Props.


I could never pick one favorite newborn session as I love them all. Each baby is unique and no two sessions are alike. I always plan each pose, the prop to be used and the clothing items. Since babies are unpredictable sometimes things don't always go as planned. I've learned that's OKAY! I go with the flow and get creative. I have three kids and it takes a lot to get me rattled : if babies cry or fuss...we weather the storm and start again.

It's my goal to capture this new life for Mom and Dad. They grow and change so quickly and life is so busy you don't even realize it. I want these images to be treasures for the parents and one day for the baby. forweb1 forweb2

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