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Creative ways to address wedding invitations

Creative ways to address wedding invitations

There are many ways you can get creative with addressing your Wedding Invitations. While this part of the wedding process can be tedious, it can also be fun adding that personalized touch and seeing the final product come to life! In the end your guests will receive a beautiful, thought out invitation to a moment in time.

Here you will find some of our suggestions on how to make a lasting impression on your guests. Also be sure to collect your guest addresses early, as you want to make sure you are sending out your invitations 8-10 weeks in advance.

If there is something that you aren‰'t quite sure of, contact us!

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Options and suggestions for making your Invitations stand out:

- Hand Addressing: If you (or your bridesmaids) have beautiful penmanship, writing out your own invitations is not only cost effective but also provides your guest with the sense that you have taken your time to personally invite them to your special day. Using special pens would be a nice bonus!

- Hiring a Calligrapher: If your handwriting capabilities aren‰'t up to par, a calligrapher is a great option to give your invitations a formal look. Envelopes should be provided to your calligrapher 2-3 weeks in advance of the mail out date. It would also be very helpful to provide them with extra envelopes in case of addressing mistakes as well as a clean print out of your guest list.

- Printing Address directly on the Envelopes from your home printer: *if your printer is capable of envelope printing, this could be a good option. Printing from home is a quick and resourceful way to get through your entire guest addressing. We suggest using a matching font from your invitations. Contact your Invitation Designer to find out the font names; you will then need to purchase this font online if you do not already have it. Also, make sure you have extra envelopes handy as it may take a few test runs to get them to your liking.

Creative ways to address wedding invitations

General guidelines to keep in mind when addressing your guests:

- Spell out guests full name (no nicknames i.e. Ms. Susan Love vs. Ms. Susie Love)

- Use the appropriate titles for your guests (i.e. Mr. & Mrs., Doctor & Mrs., Reverend, Lieutenant)

- Spell out words in the address rather than using abbreviations (i.e. Street vs. St. ‰or Apartment vs. Apt) this also goes for City and State (i.e. Long Beach, California vs. Long Beach, CA)

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Examples of addressing your guests:

- Single guests: Ms. Susan Love Or Miss. Susan Love (If a guest is invited, you may add ‰"and guest‰")

- Families: Mr. & Mrs. Edward Jones and family (For households with children under 18 you may add ‰"and family‰"after the parents names)

- Unmarried couples who live together: Miss Susan Love Mr. Ryan Jacobson (These names should be stacked on separate lines)

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