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Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer: creative images with heart

Life is made up of beautiful fleeting moments that you may not notice if you are not paying attention. I am a storyteller, and my camera is my pen. As a busy wife and a mom, I know that these moments of your story can get buried in the chaos of life. But these little things are what really matter. The tear in his eye when you walk down the aisle, or the feel of your little girls chubby fingers hugging tight to your neck - these are what you are going to want to remember. This is what I do. I tell your story through my lens in an honest and artistic way. I try to look at an ordinary scene and figure out a way to make it extraordinary so that when you look back on your images, you are taken right back to the moment and you feel all of those emotions all over again. As a Columbus, Ohio wedding photographer, I am especially drawn to connection, movement, humor, and amazing light. I use these elements to create images that will speak to your heart. So whether it's the day you get married or an evening playing with your kids, I turn moments into memories so you will always remember this precious time in your life.

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Each couple and each family I work with inspires me and leaves an imprint on my heart. I want to really get to know you, so you can see the real you in my images. This family is one of my best friends, so I know the daily struggles and wins that they experience. I wanted to create images that look past the surface, images that show the heart of this family and what they are all about.

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I discovered that being a family photographer that documents connection naturally led me to being a Columbus, Ohio wedding photographer that documents connection as well. It's a funny story, because I always said weddings are not for me! But after I did this couple's engagement photos, they believed in me so much that they asked that I do their wedding as well. Their faith in me honestly is what pushed me to say yes. And I am so glad I did!! I found out that I LOVE weddings just as much as I love shooting families. I get to capture the details, tell the story of their day through my eyes, and create beautiful artistic portraits all while having a complete blast! So thanks to this couple for trusting me so much and encouraging me take a leap and learn to fly! Their rustic winter wedding was just perfect and full of so many meaningful moments. It is my favorite wedding to date and I am so thankful they asked me to capture it for them!

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