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Colorado Wedding Photographer | Simonds Photographic

Fort Collins-based Colorado Wedding Photographer, Jill Simonds of Simonds Photographic shares more about her work, and a favorite session she's shot recently.

Hello everyone, so happy to be here! My journey as a photographer began officially or professionally, early 2012. But, it all started when I was a kid, infatuated with my dad’s 35mm and back then were the days of those silly disposable cameras – I loved experimenting and creating visual art, learning to find light, and looking for beauty in the ordinary. 

I am a wife to my best friend and mother to two witty, smart, energetic little ones. I am a Colorado native, would consider myself well-traveled and have a passion to see so much more of the world, but there honestly is nowhere else in this earth I’d rather live and work than Colorado. The beauty around us is impeccable, accessible, breathtaking, and nourishing to the soul. Importantly, the culture matches my personality and our laid-back lifestyle, Colorado is just in my blood. I love digging our roots into Fort Collins for the phase and pace of life we’re in now, but I would love to be able to spread out at some point, with plenty of land around us in the foothills or mountains. I love to photograph life around me as much as I do my clients: weddings, portraiture, events – I will always gravitate toward my favorite medium: people.


Some challenges I'm continually striving to improve and grow as a photographer is the light and the depth. I am always growing and challenging myself, but my biggest goal in my work was to accomplish consistency with my lighting and my focus in order to capture vivid and rich light combined with interesting depth of field. I feel I’ve overcome the challenges of understanding times of day, direction of light in location, and creating simple composition around my subject for a rich story-telling photograph.


One of my favorite shoots was actually stylized shoot happened on a beautiful early-October evening in Fort Collins made for a perfectly warm and beautifully lit and colored setting for a simple, whimsical, rustic stylized wedding shoot. The location and evening was a Colorado wedding photographer's dream: The Preserve at Bingham Hill is situated at the base of the foothills just minutes west of Fort Collins, CO. With twelve acres of trees, rolling grassy lawns, large gardens, several water features and a pond teeming with trout, it truly is where nature, spirit and imagination come together.

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Venue: The Preserve @ Bingham Hill, Fort Collins, CO Florals: Tiffany Warble @ Handmade with Heart Gowns: Dora Grace Bridal Jewelry: Quintessence Jewelry Makeup: Stephie King

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