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Cloud 9 Imagery | Ben & Jen @ Milky Way Farm | Wedding Photographer in Panama City Beach, Florida

Hey, ya'll! My name is Nicole and I am truly humbled to be featured on Basic Invite! As the owner and photographer of Cloud 9 Imagery, my love of photography and people has grown into a deep-rooted passion.

All of my life I've been drawn to images of other cultures and people; the first memory being of my great-grandfather's home filled ceiling to floor with an extensive collection of National Geographic magazines. These faraway places and the emotions I felt through the images inspired me to capture life and its inner beauty and emotion.

Starting in 2003, I decided that I wanted to make photography not only a hobby but my career, so I attended art school and university. I continually attend as many online and in-person classes and workshops as possible in both photography and tv/film production in order to learn about new techniques and technology. It wasn't until 2011 that I chose to launch Cloud 9 Imagery.

Cloud 9 Imagery is built on the perception of Heaven on Earth where each unique person can be who they truly are without any regard to another; bringing out the happiness and passion of each of my clients. Whether it's your characteristics, your style, your talent, your belief system, your loves or even your hates, I want to show the world why YOU are special! You were created for a reason and what makes you different is what makes you beautiful!

I enjoy lifestyle and documentary photography which is the reason I love shooting weddings. I'm always big on capturing the tiniest of details and emotions. With weddings, the bride and groom are always so busy with guests and events, that they often miss the little things. So, it's my job to capture each of those moments that they might have otherwise missed such as grandpa tearing up during the ceremony or a niece sneaking a taste of the icing on the cake.

But, don't get me wrong! I get goosebumps when I get to challenge my creativity during a styled or fashion shoot! And, if I'm able to put the two together - creativity and lifestyle - then oh my gosh, I'm ecstatic!

This October, I had the opportunity to travel from Florida to my home state of Tennessee for the wedding of Ben & Jen at the historic Milky Way Farm in Pulaski. This wedding was a true collaboration of creativity and lifestyle as it was dripping with elegance and luxury; filled with emotions of happiness and gratitude.

From the customized gown & shoes to the stately reception at the largest private dining table in Tennessee, the Tudor Revival manor house made the most amazing backdrop with its 40-ft ceilings and exquisitely landscaped grounds.

The day was filled with excitement and joy from the moment the bride and groom were getting ready until they were whisked away to their honeymoon cruise! And, the one thing that Ben & Jen taught me throughout their wedding is that life is the big picture and to always LIVE LIFE SMILING! And, if I'm lucky enough to be there to capture it then all the better!

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