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Georgia Smash the Cake Photographer - CJC Photography

Hey ya’ll (I’m from the South obviously) My name is Caya and I am the owner and photographer for CJC Photography. When I first started photography in 2011 I thought having a specialty was ridiculous. I felt if you loved all sessions you should do all sessions not just engagement or just weddings, ect. I learned through the years that your clients pretty much choose your specialty, they see what your the best at and that's what they hire you for.

While I do still photograph all types of sessions I am most sought after for my 1 Year Smash the Cake Sessions. And let me tell you they've turned into my favorite! Those sweet little faces and all the curiosity in their eyes just melts me.

The moment a client tells me the theme they have in mind my mind goes into overdrive thinking of ideas. I tend to make 80% of the props myself, I do a lot of correspondence with my clients so we both have a clear idea of what the other one is picturing for the session.

CJC Photography 1 Year Smash the Cake Session

Decorations and Props are included in each session, and clients are free to bring anything they’d like to have in the session.

There's been a bulk theme going around of pink and gold so I try and make each pink and gold sessions different but when this mom said pink and gold and twinkle twinkle little star...I was way to excited! I immediately knew I wanted clouds somewhere and gold stars. I was so excited when this session came together and she sure rocked it.


CJC Photography 1 Year Smash the Cake SessionCJC Photography 1 Year Smash the Cake SessionCJC Photography 1 Year Smash the Cake SessionCJC Photography 1 Year Smash the Cake Session


I have 3 children of my own, all boys, so I know how important these sessions can be to the parents especially to the Mom. Our children grow up so fast before our eyes and we want each moment to live as long as it can so that's what I provide families with when they leave their session.

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