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Capturing Emotions with Yang Lu Photography - CA Bay Area

I picked up my first DSLR--a Canon Rebel T2i--a couple of years ago right out of college because I was tired of blurry and pixely phone travel photos. Remember, this was back in the early days of the smartphone! From there, I would eventually discover the beauty of photography...

I started off probably as any amateur photography would have--taking over saturated landscape photos, seizure inducing HDR composites, long exposures of random night scenes, etc. But luckily for me, I found a passion in learning photography. With every new technique I learned, my passion and my fire grew stronger. I really enjoyed the journey.

It wasn't until in the recent years when I finally realized the beauty of people photography. Although I appreciate landscape photography for giving me moments of peace and quiet in this fast paced society, I realized it's the positive feedback from my clients that I treasure the most. I enjoy the entire process of a photoshoot--from scheduling and consulting with my clients, to shooting tons of beautiful photos, to putting my final touches to the photos on the PC. Every step of the process gives me a rush of excitement.

When I shoot with my clients, I make the photoshoot about THEM--their laughter, their love, their emotions. Although I throw in a few cheesy posed photos here and there, I focus my energy on bringing out their true selves. When they look back at these photos in the future, I want them to only remember how happy the times were back then, and how much fun it was to play in front of the camera.

Like this couple looking forward to the next stage of their lives together, I also look forward to my growth in photography. I hope to continue to help others remember these happy days. Look out, 2018!

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