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Callie & Jaison Sterling | Sterling Imageworks Photography

Thank you for stopping by! My name is Callie Sterling and I am ½ of a husband & wife photography team. My husband, Jaison, makes up the other ½ of our duo. We each have our own unique way of storytelling and our own story of how we came to love photography; but our success has been achieved together 100%.

I began taking a lot of photos in seventh grade when living in Virginia, but I remember loving photographs all the way back to first and second grade. I was a military child and moving around a lot made me want to document each place we moved to.


Jaison and I attended the same high school for one year; we were both new students during his senior year and my junior year. He was originally more interested in the videography side of capturing life’s moments. We both were involved in our high school’s TV program, where we had an awesome teacher who helped lay the foundation of our skills; after all photo and video go hand in hand.

I became more serious about photographs in high school, always scrapbooking and recording my high school years in print. As part of yearbook staff as a photographer in high school, I began developing skills; those skills progressed during college and I continued strengthening my skills and connections in college while working on the collegiate yearbook at the University of Central Arkansas. Jaison and I began dating early into my freshman year of college in 2009, and he joined yearbook staff as a photographer, and his interest grew from there. We were given the opportunity to photograph various events for UCA for the yearbook staff, making connections along the way.

One thing led to another and before we knew it, we captured our first wedding in 2010. From there, things have grown and we have been so blessed. In 2013 we were married and in late 2014 I was able to go full-time as a photographer, we took our second big leap in Feb. of 2015 when Jaison quit his full-time job and we were both on our own, 100% self-employed. It was scary, but it was the best kind of vulnerability. The kind of feeling you get from reading inspiring quotes on the internet, a little bit of a rush, a little bit terrifying but at the same time, thrilling. Every day, has been an amazing journey.

It is difficult to say one shoot is my favorite; we have so many wonderful clients and I love different things about each shoot. One of the shoots that is at the top of my list is a series of shoots we did for some of our best friends, Lacy and Matt while on a 6300 mile road trip this past summer. We did a four part session including their first look at Horseshoe Bend in Arizona, engagements at Canyon X in Arizona, her bridals in Glacier National Park in Montana, a second engagement session in Glacier National Park and a third engagement session in Lake Tahoe. It was so magical.

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